The purpose of the Research Center of Global Education and Culture of Yeditepe University established in 2014, is to examine diverse regions within the context of cultural, social, political and economic areas. We aim to analyze the similar and different points of historical and cultural relations between Turkey and the other areas within comparative perspectives. The center does not only focus on examination of distinctive variables of regional events in broad sense but it also targets to assess transformation and enduranceof regional characteristics in cooperation with other departments of university. While investigating political, economic cultural, social and legal scientific researches, workshops, seminars and conferences, the center will seek potential partnership with institutions and corporates operating in various sectors in order to create knowledge and share accumulation of information.  

Director : Assistant Prof. Gökçe Bayındır Goularas (French Department of Political Science and International Relations)
Vice-director: Assistant Prof. Işıl Turkan İpek (French Department of Political Science and International Relations)

Administration Committee

Prof. Dr. Ayşe Akyel
Prof. Dr. Jale Civelek
Assistant Prof. Ebru İlter Akarçay

Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Nedret Kuran Burçoğlu
Prof. Dr. Meral S. Öztoprak
Prof. Dr. Yaşar Gürbüz
Prof. Dr. Duygun Yarsuvat
Prof. Dr. Ahmet İnce
Prof. Dr. Rauf Versan
Associate Prof. E. Şule Aydeni̇z
Mario LEVİ


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tel: +90 (216) 578 00 00 - 2647 / 1749

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